Las Vegas Sun

August 24, 2019

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Letter to the editor:

Nevada could use honest allies

In the 45 years I have lived in Nevada, the most toxic threat we have faced is the Department of Energy’s persistent attempts to dump nuclear waste in our state.

Even with scientific data that warns of earthquakes and groundwater pollution, the federal government, when controlled by a Republican administration, attempts to use our state as a dump site. The majority of Nevada’s elected officials have opposed using our state to store the waste, but it is tough when you are fighting Washington and corporate interest groups.

That is why I am happy to have presidential candidate Bernie Sanders join our struggle to keep Nevada from becoming the nation’s nuclear dump site.

Sanders’ voice, because of his reputation for honesty and fair play, strengthens our position. I hope other candidates and national leaders join with Nevada residents to find a safe, science-based solution for this national problem.