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August 12, 2022

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Drug prices must be reined in

Everyone’s reeling from the rising inflation as we all pay more for the basics: groceries, gas and consumer goods.

But for seniors who need prescription medicines, inflated prices are nothing new. Rising prices have been a constant problem as drug corporations have relentlessly raised prices, often higher than inflation rates, for well over a decade.

As the sole provider for my wife and I, I have continued to struggle with paying for our prescription drugs and hospital bills. As prices continue to soar and with a pandemic still going on, it has been especially hard to keep up with new prices.

The time is long overdue for Congress to act on drug prices, especially now as many more people are feeling the pain of high prices. I was happy to see Gov. Steve Sisolak announce during his State of the State address that Nevada will join the Northwest Prescription Drug Consortium to negotiate drug costs along with states such as Washington and Oregon. But Congress must follow suit.

There’s already a proposal to lower prices through negotiations that would also create a universal $35 cap on insulin costs, limit seniors’ out of pocket cost, and penalize drug corporations for raising prices faster than inflation. Congress should pass it.