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February 25, 2017

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  • Yiannopoulos, Trump cut from the same cloth
    Feb. 25, 2017
    Trump the father and Yiannopoulos the son are both provocateurs who realize that in this day and age especially, the currency of celebrity isn’t demeaned by the outrageousness and offensiveness through which a person achieves it. ...
  • America now seeing awakening needed to usher in real change
    Feb. 25, 2017
    This is part of our history, and it can’t be diminished and written off any more than slavery can be written off. In our failure to face such history honestly, we remain trapped in collective unawareness — and thus trapped, we repeat history again and again. ...
  • Embrace shared identity for a better future
    Feb. 25, 2017
    The last decade has taught us plenty about our shared identity. As a result of the Great Recession, we confronted the fear of losing our homes, jobs and way of life. We could not blame any other nation for our predicament. At the precipice of disaster, we had to find a unique American solution to a problem of our own creation. ...
  • Trump hasn’t left reality TV; he just switched genres
    Feb. 25, 2017
    Sure, media bashing is easy. At a recent news conference marking the end of his first four weeks in office, Trump reminded reporters that media approval ratings are lower than those of Congress. That’s cruel. ...
  • Hurricane Trump is wreaking havoc on our political parties
    Feb. 24, 2017
    The truth is that Trump — so formidable a figure in the United States today that he makes mixed metaphors unavoidable — is a giant celestial body in the political universe, warping the orbits of the other planet. And chief among the planets adjusting to new orbits, or perhaps careering out of long-established orbits, are the two parties. ...
  • No matter how hard GOP fights, ACA will prove its staying power
    Feb. 24, 2017
    The evasion — let’s go ahead and call it dishonesty — is that the GOP framework promises not to “pull the rug out from anyone who received care” under the ACA’s expansion of eligibility for Medicaid, the federal health insurance program for the poor. But Republicans also plan to change Medicaid into a program of block grants to the states, with sharp reductions in federal funding. ...
  • Legislators support SJR 17
    Feb. 24, 2017
    During the 2015 Nevada legislative session, we proudly supported Senate Joint Resolution 17, also known as Marsy’s Law, which would establish a specific set of rights in the Nevada Constitution for victims of crime. Because it is a constitutional amendment, Marsy’s Law must pass two consecutive legislative sessions and then be approved by voters. ...
  • Dean Heller must speak up
    Feb. 24, 2017
    You have chosen to vote for an unqualified lobbyist who cares little about public education. The vote is a reflection on you. That alone is enough to disqualify you from public office for many progressives. I believe that the secretary of education has limited power. Much of that has to do with the GOP’s efforts to diminish the effectiveness of the Education Department. ...
  • Utah senator’s bill reins in ability to raise tariffs
    Feb. 23, 2017
    The REINS Act, which the House again passed Jan. 5, would require Congress to approve any major (at least $100 million cost) regulation. The theory is that if legislators’ fingerprints, rather than just those of unaccountable and secure bureaucrats, are going to be on such regulations, they will receive more exacting cost-benefit analyses. ...
  • Can we get rid of Trump? Probably not
    Feb. 23, 2017
    One poll from Public Policy Polling found that as many Americans — 46 percent — favor impeachment of President Donald Trump as oppose it. Ladbrokes, the betting website, offers even odds that Trump will resign or leave office through impeachment before his term ends. ...
  • Nevadans stand up to Heller
    Feb. 23, 2017
    It’s shameful that Sen. Dean Heller is not listening to us. I called his office. Every day we’re calling his office. We’re showing up. We’re sending him mail. We’re tweeting him. And he’s just ignoring us. ...
  • Trump is mesmerizing, in a bad way
    Feb. 22, 2017
    The majority of American voters who didn’t support Trump used to watch him on TV with a kind of cynical amusement as he bragged about fake election results and crowd sizes. Now every time it happens you can’t help thinking, “Wow, is this guy really unhinged?” ...
  • Trump, administration proving to be anything but ‘fine-tuned’
    Feb. 22, 2017
    Trump’s administration faces two acute, interlocking crises: serious questions about his campaign’s contacts with official and unofficial representatives of the Russian government, which U.S. intelligence agencies believe made concerted efforts to help Trump win the election; and appalling levels of dysfunction in the White House that make self-inflicted wounds the rule rather than the exception. ...
  • Trump has done nothing to deserve citizens’ confidence
    Feb. 22, 2017
    The Michael Flynn fiasco was the entirely predictable product of the indiscipline, deceit, incompetence and moral indifference that characterize President Donald Trump’s approach to leadership. ...
  • Pence, Mattis do Trump no favors on foreign policy
    Feb. 22, 2017
    McCain’s characterization of disarray is much too charitable. With Trump too busy attacking his critics and Bannon evidently in charge, the administration is incapable of developing a coherent foreign policy supportive of traditional allies. It is much better at pushing the Trump brand than promoting the national interest. ...
  • Human contribution to climate change is clear
    Feb. 22, 2017
    Global warming skepticism is a sign of blatant illiteracy. ...
  • Trump’s first month definitely different from other presidents’
    Feb. 21, 2017
    You just came out of a yearlong coma and you’re trying to catch up. The unimaginable is real. The Cubs won the World Series. California has been drenched with so much rain that its biggest dam may fail. And in the first month of a new presidency, the leader of the free world has ...
  • Say no to Gorsuch, whose manifesto bodes ill for climate change fight
    Feb. 21, 2017
    Judge Neil Gorsuch was not on President Donald Trump’s first list of potential Supreme Court nominees. Gorsuch did, however, appear on a revised list just weeks after he wrote a controversial manifesto arguing that it should be easier for corporations and individuals suing federal agencies to have courts strike down regulations and overrule decisions by experts at agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency ...
  • Approach to the law makes Gorsuch good fit for Supreme Court
    Feb. 21, 2017
    Judge Neil Gorsuch, President Donald Trump’s nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court, will be a worthy heir to the man he will replace: Justice Antonin Scalia ...
  • Don’t let disabled children be forsaken by Trump administration
    Feb. 20, 2017
    If there is any movement by the Trump gang to dial back protections of disabled students’ rights, that’s unacceptable.
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