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September 22, 2017

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Forced to deal with bad behavior

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I’m tired of hearing about the “bad” things about the United States.

First, as a democratic country, we have rights, even though many people abuse these rights. They may do wicked things for money, notoriety or just plain viciousness. Whatever the reason, it is hurtful and hateful. That is our problem. Yes, it is America’s problem to deal with these spiteful and hateful people.

We do not need to have foreign countries meddling in our business. You want to burn our flag, riot your streets? Go ahead. It isn’t hurting our streets, but when you commit crimes against our country and murder our ambassadors, you have gone too far.

If not for this “bad” USA, those countries would probably be 10 times worse off than they are now. This “bad” USA has ended up with a huge deficit for many reasons, some of which is for the money we pour into other countries. That can stop very easily.

We can take care of ourselves. When you see us burning your flags and killing your ambassadors, then you have a valid complaint. Until then, some countries need to remember that they need us more than we need them; they shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds them.

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